B2B GAMING SERVICES MALTA Ltd is committed to:

1. Staying ahead of the fast-paced technological ecosystem
2. Providing a secure, safe and reliable operational environment
3. Respecting all aspects of society, culture, partners, clients, competitors, the end user
4. Being a conscious citizen by fully adhering to the Law and the regulatory frameworks
5. Complying with taxation requirements, compensating in full and on time

B2B GAMING SERVICES MALTA Ltd commitment is achieved by an elaborate platform
architecture built upon the following guidelines:

1. The protection of vulnerable customers
2. The prevention of underage gambling
3. Combating fraudulent and criminal behavior
4. Protection of customer privacy and safeguarding of information
5. Prompt and accurate customer payments
6. Fair gaming
7. Responsible marketing
8. Commitment to customer satisfaction and support
9. Enforcement of a consistent, high level customer protection
10. Offering binding and independent dispute settlement for customers